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via all-caps Twitter conversations about the newish Netflix reality show. ” and “I HAVE THOUGHTS ABOUT DATING AROUND” really sold it—anyone yelling makes me feel like I’m in trouble for not doing what they want.

So I hunkered down to watch the show, which has an interesting premise: On each episode, an eligible single goes on an identical blind date with five different people over the course of five nights, and ultimately chooses one (or none).

Do not hesitate, or you delay your flashy Indian chance.

was yet another reminder that straight white men are still the default in America—and that sometimes, they just don’t “get it.” It’s puzzling that the show’s makers decided to kick off with Luke, a straight white dude in real estate.On one hand, I think their exchange has the potential to open up a dialogue among viewers about culture clashes, communication, and being open to different perspectives.On the other, why is it that a learning opportunity for a white person has to be at the cost of a person of color reliving her pain and defending herself at every turn?She comes from a culture, she explains, where it’s taboo to date someone for an extended period and not get married. Like Gurki’s parents, my grandparents had an arranged marriage, and in general in my culture, dating a lot of people is frowned upon.Justin isn’t obligated to agree with her; listening would have sufficed.

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