Mediaportal epg not updating

This option controls whether the EPG grabber will grab all available EPG, or only the EPG for the channels on that transponder.

Here you can define how Media Portal will present the information it gathered with the DVB EPG.

The information that is received depends on the tv broadcaster.

As a welcome surprise, I also got all but one of my channel logos from MP too; channel logos never synced properly from MP in the past, and even got corrupted from time to time when entered manually in Emby. I didn't notice any obvious changes in my EPG in Emby, and the "Map Channels" dialog was empty.DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) channels have the possibility to receive program information embedded in the signal-stream.This system is called EPG (Electronic Program Guide).If this setting is enabled and the broadcaster is sending CRC checksums, Media Portal will only store the EPG data if the check is successful.Sometimes providers supply the EPG for all their channels on one transponder and don't put the EPG on other transponders (or maybe put only limited EPG on other transponders).

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