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’ ” says Roberson, who lives in Greenpoint and works as a researcher for “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” In her book, Roberson offers a guide to dating, hooking up and straight-up shameless flirting in 2019.Woven throughout are ways to rethink the lessons learned from romantic comedies, such as putting up with jerks like Harry in the iconic 1989 film.“I guess I’m just addicted to the thought of always being validated by a new person!” The dating flop: Roberson knew she was too invested in Austen’s marriage plot when she asked a longtime crush why he’d never made a move. She gave off “such strong relationship vibes.” The real takeaway: This isn’t Victorian England, where a woman’s debutante phase was “essentially the one exciting year of [her] life,” Roberson writes. Now, Roberson says, “[I] give off only ‘I am very chill and want to hook up casually until we’re skeletons’ vibes.” Plot: “It’s about a single woman living in London who is constantly trying to lose 12 pounds and her exploits in dating,” Roberson says.

The dating flop: Roberson says she once hooked up with someone where the situation felt more like a “romantic friendship.” Without mentioning the guy by name, she made a joke about romantic friendships on her Twitter — “something about Watson and Holmes.” He was pissed off when he saw it, and “the tweet ended up in a fight.” The real takeaway: These days, Roberson sticks to sharing experiences for the greater good — such as helping others navigate the dating world — and not for stunts or the sheer pleasure of a subtweet.“It’s not exaggerating to say I have seen those movies a combined total of 100 times . Take two of her favorite Nora Ephron cheese-fests: “When Harry Met Sally” and “You’ve Got Mail.” In both, Roberson points out, a character played by Meg Ryan waits around for a man “who doesn’t deserve her” to sweep her off her feet — and when he does, it’s usually through flirting that’s straight-up mean.“When I watch those movies today, I’m like, ‘Nora, who hurt you?In reality: Women tend to internalize the idea that they have to look “a certain amount of sexy” to attract a partner.But there is, at least in Roberson’s experience, “no correlation” between “how hot I look and people wanting to make out with me.” Frankly, she’s as likely to get action in her typical uniform — sweats and a flannel shirt — as she is in a sexy get-up.

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