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Decarie Expressway (Plamondon) De Castelnau Street / Saint Laurent Boulevard Papineau Avenue and René-Lévesque Boulevard Peel Street / De Maisonneuve Boulevard Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport Bleury and Saint Catherine Mount Royal Avenue / Park Avenue Laurier Avenue and Saint Laurent Boulevard (Mile End) Wunderground Weather Station in Westmount Decarie Boulevard Victoria Bridge Place d'Armes 03 Mountain Street / René-Lévesque Boulevard Rachel Street and Saint Denis Street Peregrine falcons of Ude M Rue Peel and Rue Sherbrooke Jeanne-Mance Street / Président-Kennedy Avenue Notre-Dame Street / Saint-Laurent Boulevard Peel Street / De la Gauchetière Street - Canadiens-de-Montréal Avenue Autoroute 40 / Boulevard des Sources Turcot Interchange Works Autoroute 25 / Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel Bridge Turcot Interchange Autoroute 20 / West of Saint-Pierre Interchange Autoroute 20 / East of Saint-Pierre Interchange Place d'Armes 02 Atwater Avenue / Sainte Catherine Street Jean Talon Street / Saint Laurent Boulevard Autoroute 40 / Center of the Échangeur Décarie (Direction West) Park Avenue / Van Horne Avenue Peel Street / Wellington Street Spirit and Roger / Peregrine falcons of Ude M Autoroute 20 (A-20) Autoroute 40 / Acadie Boulevard Autoroute 40 / Saint Laurent Boulevard Le Gardeur Bridge Autoroute 40 / Iberville Street Souligny Avenue / Haig Avenue Autoroute 40 / Pie-IX Boulevard Notre-Dame Street / Peel Street Autoroute 40 / Marien Avenue Autoroute 40 / Papineau Avenue Mc Gill Street / Notre-Dame Street Quebec Autoroute 40 East (Décarie Interchange) Beaver Hall Hill :: Square Victoria Street / Viger Avenue Robert-Bourassa / Saint Catherine Street Autoroute 25 / Sherbrooke Street East Autoroute 40 / Christophe-Colomb Avenue Port of Montreal 02 Park Avenue / Fairmount Street Mount Royal Avenue and Saint Laurent Boulevard Charles de Gaulle Bridge St.

Antoine Street and Cathedral Street Duluth Avenue / Saint Laurent Boulevard Port of Montreal 04 Autoroute 20 / Fenelon Boulevard Davidson Street / Sainte-Catherine Street Autoroute 40 / East of the Décarie Interchange Autoroute 15 / Sherbrooke Street West Sherbrooke Street West / Park Avenue :: Bleury Street Autoroute 20 / Dorval Avenue Autoroute 13 / Autoroute 40 Autoroute 40 / Montreal Island Golf Club Autoroute 40 / West of the Décarie Interchange (westbound) Autoroute 40 / Langelier Boulevard Decarie Expressway (Royalmount) De Maisonneuve Boulevard / Crescent Street Galipeault Bridge (MTL) Autoroute 15 / Queen-Mary Road Autoroute 40 / Saint Denis Street Autoroute 40 / Lacordaire Boulevard Rue de la Montagne Street / Saint Antoine Street Papineau Avenue Laurier Avenue West / Park Avenue Port of Montreal 03 Autoroute 13 / North of Henri-Bourassa Boulevard West Souligny Avenue / Cadillac Street Autoroute 25 / Hochelaga Street Autoroute 15 / Upper Lachine Road Décarie Expressway / Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road Modinfo Autoroute 40 / Marche Central Street Autoroute 40 / Sainte Croix Avenue Autoroute 40 / Galeries-d'Anjou Boulevard Laurier Avenue East / Brebeuf Street Autoroute 40 / Stinson Street Saint Catherine Street / Saint Urbain Street Autoroute 25 / Anjou Interchange Louis-Bisson Bridge Sherbrooke Street East / Cherrier Street and Montcalm Street Decarie Interchange Saint-Laurent Boulevard / Rachel Street Route 112 / Victoria Bridge Autoroute 40 / Henri-Bourassa Boulevard Berri Street / Ontario Street Autoroute 25 / Yves-Prévost Boulevard Autoroute 40 / Rhéaume Avenue Décarie Interchange (east side) Autoroute 20 / 1re Avenue Saint-Laurent Metro Station Atateken Street / De Maisonneuve Boulevard Autoroute 20 / Oakville Avenue Autoroute 20 / Angrignon Boulevard Saint Antoine Street / Saint Laurent Boulevard Papineau-Leblanc Bridge Autoroute 13 / Autoroute 20 Saint Denis Street / Gilford Street Port of Montreal 01 Saint-Denis Street / Saint-Joseph Boulevard Autoroute 15 South / Cote-Vertu Boulevard Crémazie Boulevard / Saint Laurent Boulevard Autoroute 720 / Panet Street Autoroute 20 / 4e Avenue Maisonneuve Boulevard / Robert-Bourassa Boulevard Pine Avenue / Saint Laurent Boulevard Notre-Dame Street / Ville-Marie Boulevard / Panet Street Park Avenue /Saint-Viateur Avenue Rachel Street / Saint Urbain Street Berri Street / Viger Avenue Autoroute 40 / Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge Rue Jeanne-Mance / Boulevard René-Lévesque Cavendish Boulevard / Griffith Street Saint Laurent Boulevard / Saint Zotique Street Autoroute 40 / Ray-Lawson Boulevard Atateken Street / Ontario Street Papineau Avenue / Laurier Street Édouard-Montpetit Boulevard / Vincent-D'Indy Avenue Autoroute 40 / Saint-Jean Boulevard Autoroute 20 / Morgan Street Lachine borough De Maisonneuve Boulevard / Berri Street Saint Joseph Boulevard / Saint-Urbain Street René-Lévesque Boulevard / Robert-Bourassa Boulevard (East) Pine Avenue / Saint Urbain Street De la Gauchetière Street / Mansfield Street Autoroute 40 / Bourget Boulevard Autoroute 13 / South of Autoroute 520 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard / Sherbrooke Street Robert-Bourassa Boulevard / De La Gauchetière Street Saint Antoine Street / Square-Victoria Street D'Iberville Street / Saint Joseph Boulevard Saint Laurent Boulevard / Sauvé Street Autoroute 15 / Décarie Interchange Autoroute 20 (Direction East) / Bouchard Boulevard Papineau Avenue / Viger Avenue De la Montagne Street / Saint Jacques Street Guy Street / René-Lévesque Boulevard Côte-des-Neiges Road / Édouard-Montpetit Boulevard Côte-des-Neiges Road / The Boulevard Papineau Avenue/ Sherbrooke Street Autoroute 15 / Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Tunnel Anjou Interchange De Bleury Street / Viger Avenue Notre-Dame Street & Sainte Catherine Street Île Bizard Chemin des Moulins / Pierre Dupuy Avenue Autoroute 20 / Exit 64 (Angrignon Boulevard) De la Commune Street and Mc Gill Street Park Avenue / Milton Street Autoroute 13 / North of Côte-Vertu Boulevard Frontenac Street / Iberville Street / Notre-Dame Street Frontenac Street / De Maisonneuve Boulevard Papineau Avenue / De Maisonneuve Boulevard Robert-Bourassa Boulevard/ Wellington Street (North-East) Autoroute 20 / East of Angrignon Boulevard Autoroute 15 / Côte-Saint-Luc Road Rachel Street and Saint Denis Street (South East) Souligny Avenue / Dickson Street René-Lévesque Boulevard / Saint Marc Street Docteur Penfield Avenue / Rue de la Montagne De Lorimier Avenue / Masson Street Sherbrooke Street / Atateken Street Autoroute 40 / Autoroute 15 Fairmount Avenue / Saint-Urbain Street La Fontaine Street / Papineau Avenue Souligny Avenue / Autoroute 25 Autoroute 720 / Ville-Marie Tunnel Saint Denis Street / Saint Grégoire Street Legendre Stree / Saint Laurent Boulevard Robert-Bourassa Boulevard / Saint Jacques Street Hôtel-de-Ville Avenue / Saint Antoine Street Autoroute 13 / South of Hickmore Street Côte-des-Neiges Road / Pine Avenue Ontario Steet / Pie-IX Boulevard Henri-Bourassa Boulevard / Saint Laurent Boulevard Rachel Street / La Roche Street Saint-Hubert Street / Saint-Grégoire Street Iberville Street / Sainte Catherine Street Peel Street / René Lévesque Boulevard De l'Église Avenue / Saint Patrick Street Saint-Urbain Street / Saint-Viateur Street Place d'Armes 01 Guy Street And Saint-Jacques Street Autoroute 25 / Tellier Street Papineau Avenue / Saint Joseph Boulevard Saint-Joseph Boulevard / Christophe-Colomb Avenue Jarry Street / Saint Laurent Boulevard Chabanel Street / Saint Laurent Boulevard Côte-des-Neiges Road / Van Horne Avenue Fleury Street / Saint Laurent Boulevard De Boucherville Street / Curatteau Place Notre-Dame Street / Papineau Avenue Autoroute 13 / North of Autoroute 520 Autoroute 20 / 24th Avenue Robert-Bourassa Boulevard / Saint Antoine Street / (West) Frontenac Steet and Hochelaga Street Turcot Exchanger Works - South West Ottawa Street/ Robert-Bourassa Boulevard (North-East) Atateken Street / Rene-Levesque Boulevard Autoroute 40 / Saint Michel Boulevard Cedar Ave / Pine Ave Peel Street / Pine Avenue Papineau Avenue / Rosemont Boulevard Papineau Avenue / Rachel Street De Lorimier Street / Ontario Street Notre-Dame Street / Fullum Street Mill Street / Riverside Street De Lorimier Street / Notre-Dame Street - Viger Street (West Corner) Fullum Street / Rachel Street rennan Street / De la Commune Street :: Prince Street Autoroute 25 / Jarry Street East Notre-Dame Street / D'Iberville Street Georges-Vanier Boulevard / Saint Antoine Street Berri Street / René-Lévesque Boulevard Saint-Grégoire Street / Brebeuf Street D'Iberville Street / Mount Royal Avenue Mc Gill Street / Wellington Street Autoroute 10 / Robert-Bourassa Boulevard (West) Notre-Dame Street / Saint Antoine Street Autoroute 40 / Exit of Tricentenaire Boulevard Maison de Radio-Canada Bernard Avenue / Park Avenue Mc Eachran Avenue / Van Horne Avenue Pine Avenue / University Street Côte-des-Neiges Road / Dr.

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