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When we got into Tribeca we were excited that it surpassed our wildest expectations about what would happen and then as it got closer to the festival I started getting more nervous because I thought there are limitations to this style of film, it is guerilla filmmaking, and Tribeca shows very polished Hollywood movies with big Hollywood movie stars.There was an inferiority complex of showing our movie alongside all these better-crafted films.Alex was just about to shoot the first season of Girls after we shot Red Flag, so he didn’t know what was coming for him.But now that he’s a celebrity, basically, yeah it puts more attention on my movie.I wanted to feature them as a wink to say, “Look we’re all in New York making movies and hopefully we’ll continue to do that.” Do you feel like you’re part of a Brooklyn “scene,” though?One of the production companies behind the film, Factory 25, is based in Park Slope by a guy named Matt Grady.

I met Alex Karpovsky at Sundance 2011 and he cast me in Red Flag and that movie was made with a tiny crew of like four people.

There’s definitely more press that are interested in Alex and what he’s doing.

I think it gives our film credibility but not as much as you’d think. Is it really stressful, or are you just enjoying the ride?

To what degree did your own dating life play into it?

I’m 41 and I have to make a decision at some point about whether or not I want to get married and have a family because I’m sort of at that crossroads.

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The week before the festival it was awful: I was finishing the film and watching it and watching it and hating everything about it, just nervous about the premiere. It was amazing and fun and magical and then the next day we have two reviews and it’s ecstatic to read a positive review and I told myself I wouldn’t be bothered by negative reviews if it’s a fair, good review, but reading a biting review of the movie where it feels like they didn’t respect…. To be honest with you, we hope we can sell the movie and get our money back, so there’s the stress of that.

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