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In the chart below, we look at global venture investment in dating-focused startups over the past five years.The general finding is that round counts fluctuate moderately year-to-year, while investment totals fluctuate heavily. is home to the majority of funded startups in the Crunchbase dating category, the bulk of investment has gone to China.Startups without known venture funding, meanwhile, have managed to bring in some bigger outcomes.One standout in this category is Grindr, the geolocation-powered dating and hookup app for gay men.When it comes to startups, however, it appears they’re still mostly swiping left.

Dating app outcomes Dating sites and apps have generated some solid exits in the past few years, as well as some less-stellar outcomes.We think of poetry, flowers, loaves of bread and jugs of wine.We do not think of algorithms and swipe-driven mobile platforms.Mobile-focused matchmaking app Zoosk is one of the most heavily funded players in the space that has yet to generate an exit.The San Francisco company raised more than million between 20, but had to withdraw a planned IPO in 2015 due to flagging market interest.

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The latter is due to a handful of giant funding rounds for China-based startups. In 2018, for instance, nearly 80 percent of dating-related investment went to a single company, China-based Blued, a Grindr-style hookup app for gay men.

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