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This is meant to convey just how ancient, mysterious, clannish, secretive, powerful, and connected it is. , the first ones in and the last ones out to deal with anything related to it. Even if The Group is evil, which they may well be, they may often try to cover up The Masquerade in an attempt to utilize whatever it is for their own ends, and thus do the world some good by keeping it ignorant and safe.

Whether it is mystical, supernatural, or horrific beings, creatures, phenomena or Mac Guffins, things of alien origin, superhumans and related paraphernalia, examples of advanced technology, time travelers and the difficulties they create, various types of monsters, demons, or whatever other Green Rocks or Weirdness Magnets may be around in a world, you can be assured The Group will be there to either hunt and destroy them, try to manipulate and use them, or simply watch and contain them.

This video will walk you through how to make your own Slipknot full head masks. Watch this step by step costume making tutorial to learn how to make a cool Japanese sailor styled school uniform. Pyramid Head is a fictional monster from the Silent Hill video game and movie.

This video is suitable for numerous characters like Sailormoon, Suzumiya Haruhi, Azumanga, and more. So watch this four-part video tutorial to see how to do it. You can make a really cool pair of Renaissance pants or fantasy costume pants out of a pair of sweatpants.

Don't spend the money or suffer the embarrassment of going out to buy adult diapers.

Prop diapers are easy to make using just a towel or some white trash bags.

No matter what you think of Slipknot's music, you gotta admit they have a cool, horror movie look. This costume could be used for Halloween, cosplay, or just for the hell of it.

First, get a paper plate and figure out how big you want it, draw on the template so you can see it through the paint.

Then, apply metallic paint with a paint brush using the template you drew as a guide.

Watch this video costume design tutorial and learn how to make a folded prop towel or trash bag adult diaper.

Make a prop adult diaper with a towel or trash bags.

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