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It’s easy to say that “patience is a virtue” for things like waiting in line at the grocery store or the ticket counter, but not so easy when you’re eager to grow closer to God through a relationship with another. More and more people visit Orthodoxy and the World website. In comparison to some mass media, we do not make paid subscription.It is our deepest belief that preaching Christ for money is wrong.The parents then conduct “research” into the proposed spouse.They ask around about the other family’s connections, check to see if there are any divorces, or if any of the proposed relations have abandoned the community in favor of the secular world.Ultra-Orthodox women are ready to marry typically by age 19, after a post-high-school year in seminary; the men continue their religious studies into their early twenties.That scenario, plus the rapid growth of these communities—an estimated 3 percent per year—means more 19-year-old women than 23-year-old men.After two years, he was forcing me to choose: stay with him and hope on very slim chances that, somewhere very far down the line, he would become Orthodox, or leave him and venture into the unknown, alone and without a plan.Well, it doesn’t help that society (especially including the likes of the infamous Carrie Bradshaw and the ranks of elderly women in my church) makes it very clear that “single” is not synonymous with “fabulous.”When the great religious debates first started between us, I began to read more about our faiths, to ask questions that I had never thought of before, and to pray (albeit selfishly) harder than I probably ever had.

A matchmaker—usually a woman, but men provide the service as well—finds a match and informs the parents on each side.

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middle-aged women gather in the basement office of a brick building in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood to assure the survival of ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

One anecdotal study, however, done about ten years ago in Lakewood, New Jersey, predicted that for every 1,500 young women, approximately 150 were doomed to not marry. The study, conducted by a rabbi and an insurance analyst, may have employed questionable research methods. “Basically, from the perspective of the community, they don’t really exist,” said Yossi Krausz, an Orthodox journalist for crisis has changed these communities in powerful ways.

But even if the problem may not exist, the hand-wringing over it certainly does. Forms of individuation or societal rule-bending that might have been permitted in the past have all but disappeared.“Gray areas became black,” one ultra-Orthodox woman from Chicago told me.

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The result: Some women in every cohort pass unwed through their conventional prime marrying years.

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