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You are keen to ~vibes~ and are quick realize if people around you have ulterior motives. You have BIG ideas and a fully thought-out vision behind everything that you do.

You're artistic and love collaborating with others... You think that all of your ideas deserve to be recognized and praised, so when that doesn't happen, your Aries temper starts to rear its ugly, horned head.

They also need to keep their ego in check and understand that life is not just about what they want or think is right.

The element of Pisces is water and Aries is a fire sign.

This Cusp is known as The Cusp of Rebirth because Pisces comes at the end of the Zodiac Year and Aries is at the beginning of the next Zodiac Cycle.

Not receiving instant gratification can unfortunately lead you to get discouraged, and sometimes causes you to completely lose interest in your creative endeavors. You often make something out of nothing only to stress yourself out so much that you end up crying on the floor and Face Timing your dog. Given your generally worried and sympathetic nature, you make a very caring and loyal friend. You've got all the dreamy, hopeless romantic Pisces-ness swashed together with your fiery Arian love-hunger! While you may care for someone very much, you still constantly question your relationship because of your need to constantly feel independent and free.

You're always there when someone needs to talk, laugh, or just wants a hug. You're so emotionally confused that you often find yourself wanting two completely opposing things at the same time. However, you actually have the inclination to become emotionally dependent in relationships, which pisses you off.

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