Psp froze while updating

Many tablets offer the option to perform a hard reset.

In some, this happens when you hold the "Power" button down.

Press the button with the paperclip and release; the tablet should turn off and reset itself.

Then, to my surprise, even though the unit is actually plugged into the wall, I receive: I let the unit charge for an hour, then found the update by going to Game, Memory Stick and pressing the X button. 1.52” which I started with one more press of the X button. I pressed the right arrow button, as instructed, and was shown: Do not turn off the power, disconnect the AC adaptor or remove the Memory Stick during update, as doing so may cause the system to malfunction. It will not allow me to turn it off, either with the remote or by pressing the button itself. It was left overnight, and has progressed no further.This time it decided that my battery was sufficiently charged (and, yes, it was still plugged in too) and I got: Since I don’t have any UMD music, I can only assume that this is so Sony can sell UMD’s as an alternative to music CDs. Once the update is started you cannot go back to the previous version of the system software. Now it switches to “Installing…” and took approximately 90 seconds to install.Finally, finally, we’re ready to restart the PSP: “Update completed.

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How do I get the Network Update feature on my Sony PSP to work?

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