Ranbir kapoor dating sonam

Sonam and Ranbir shared really great on-screen chemistry in Saawariya, but this on-screen chemistry has also translated into an off-screen romance.According to sources Sonam and Ranbir are seeing each other.Other than that; Anil Kapoor’s darling daughter was once dating a guy during her teenage days.No details are revealed about who the guy is or does he belong from Bollywood industry or not?However the two became friends while assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his films.

If your partner is not able to respect you; then there’s no point of staying in a relationship. And anyways, look at her now – She is extremely doing well in her professional as well as personal life.

Recently Ranbir and Sonam were spotted at a five star hotel walking in together, holding hands.

A source claims "Ranbir and Sonam were absolutely not conscious of the fact that they were holding hands. It was obvious that they are in love." Sonam and Ranbir's families have been family friends during their childhood days.

I, for one, always wonder how celebrities make it through events and parties with their ex and current partner both present in the same room.

Uh, hello - Sidharth Malhotra (Alia's ex-boyfriend) and Katrina Kaif (Ranbir's ex-girlfriend).

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Talking about the break-up; it seems that Sonam did the right thing without thinking anything.

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