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Author of “Naked at Our Age” and other books, she lives in Sebastopol, Calif.

A strike might be a few lazy misspellings on your profile… Another example might be that you list “The Bachelor” as your favorite show. However, if in addition to liking an empty-headed reality show, you also have 16 pictures of you getting the inside of your mouth licked by the “love of your life” (otherwise known as a pitbull), or you’re wearing a fedora… In order to get your bio read, you have to have great pictures.

Lean toward a speaker to signal your intent to hear every word.

“Keep eye contact and if someone isn’t looking back at you, don’t prejudge,” Price said.

Gesture expansively rather than keeping your arms crossed.

Smile freely and naturally so that you don’t convey apprehension.

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  1. I know I look ridiculous when I have sex so I don't try and pretty it up, that's my face, don't like it? Surprisingly, it gets me a lot of work, and a lot of guys like it; it's becoming a porn trend at the moment.