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Yael is cooking something which at the moment feels like it’s - and should be - too hot to handle.” Armitage is a noticeably calm presence but he talks with passion.I ask him how it feels to be facing The Crucible’s agonising climax over and over for the next couple of months.“It has lines that feel relevant in 1692, relevant in the Fifties, relevant today and relevant tomorrow, in 10 years, in 20 years, while we’re still destroying each other in the way that we do, in that insidious human way.” He promises that acclaimed director Yael Farber’s production will be a full-blooded affair.

“It’s ultimately a timeless play, I think,” says Armitage.“It fills me with dismay sometimes when you look at the scripts that do come to you, that are primarily focused on violence.There are so many other things to play around with.” His career, he says, has been “a slow climb. He joined a circus in Budapest straight out of his school in Coventry – he grew up in the Midlands - to get his equity card.“That’s why it’s interesting coming back now and getting into a rehearsal room and going: ‘This is why I did it.I’d forgotten.’ I’m having a really amazing epiphany doing this, and I think I’ll be a different actor when I come out of it.” Buy tickets to The Crucible from Telegraph Box Office.

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