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My Single Friend is the only online dating site out there that puts your friends in control of your profile, according to them its a 'no-nonsense approach to dating by matching singles through their friends’ descriptions'.I guess this encourages an element of truth but your friends aren't going to hang you out to dry at the same time, so jumping in I was sceptical.If you're using Internet Explorer, and have specified an abnormally high level of paranoia for your browser, you may be able to remedy the situation by going to your Privacy settings under Internet Options, and selecting a privacy level of "Medium" for all sites, or just for this one.This problem may also occasionally be caused by a glitch in Microsoft Internet Explorer.Since it was launched it has apparently helped hundreds of couples find love through the website’s unique hands-off approach - read below for my take on their service, I've used it and reviewed it as best as I can, enjoy!My Single Friend works by getting the people who know you better than anyone else, your friends, to write your profile for you.Because of this, I recommend turning off automatic renewal as soon as you pay for a subscription by clicking on ‘My Profile & Settings’ then visiting the ‘Payments & Subscriptions’ page.

Add a picture then fill out your friend’s name and email address to invite them to write a dating profile for you and you’re done!

Of course, you get to approve everything that’s been written before it’s published, but having others write your profile for you not only takes a weight off your shoulders, but paints a better/more trustworthy picture of who you are.

Your friends also have the power to recommend other singles already using the site to you if they think you’re a good match, which requires them to use the site for you, I don't really get it.

Signing up for an account on My Single Friend was relatively relaxed and enjoyable, since the idea is for you not to worry too much about ‘bigging’ yourself up and letting your friends do it for you.

I ordered a pizza and had my friend round, so we kind of did it together, so it was a fun night in.

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