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there is some venders there usually that sell some really cool hawaiian stuff too, and the food court has an indoor play area for kids.The Commissary is ok, the prices are competitive and usually low but the produce is slim pick’ins and sometimes they aren’t well stocked. Also, there is a really awesome NEX that is huge and worth checking out. There’s an Arts and Craft bldg that always has fun classes if you’re into artsy stuff too with pottery to paint, sewing classes, and a full schedule of activities.

Some people stationed here at SB live in Ewa Beach area, which i’ve heard is nice but a bit of a drive. The PX is very nice on SB, clean with friendly employees.

Housing conditions differ from slummy apartment style to really nice newer housing.

The wait list for both Wheeler and Schofield is a few weeks, so get with them asap if you plan on living on post.

- Adult dating in Schofield, Hawaii , has never been so easy!

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