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Silence, lack of protest, or no resistance does not mean consent.Being in a current relationship or having had a past sexual relationship does not certify consent.Before you jump to the conclusion that I am a shallow person let me explain.Bad communication between partners leads to a lot of problems, especially in the bedroom.It goes both ways, make your partner feel comfortable. Do not be afraid to ask questions and say how you feel.Chances are if you feel like something is up, it is.

I can speak from past experience that I have stopped communicating with or dating someone because the sex was bad.Tags: 89.7 KRUI, blog, Boyfriend, Bra, Comfortable, communication, date, dissapointed, dumped, girlfriend, hook up, iowa city, krui iowa city, KRUI.FM, logan grant, partner, relationship, Relationships, sex, Sex Column, Sex in Iowa City, ugly, unsatisfied We’ve all been there.Like this guy for example, even though it is not at all vulgar, it’s just the pure cockiness of this asshole pissed me off. I literally lol’d when I read it, I can remember the exact moment I got it.Like do you really think that you can get women to sleep with you purely because you won a national championship? I was sitting in my Media History and Culture lecture, spacing off like usual when the notification popped up on my phone.

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