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Before I got into heavy duty relationships and sexuality with women, I was able to find a center, a relaxation place inside me.I remember when I was reading some scripture or something, there was this phrase that popped out and said, "My mind has found its resting place." And I went, "That's it. You're always this guy who's enlightened, always happy and fulfilled and got in a relationship with women and suddenly, they say something or do something and I would totally shut down and inside I'd feel furious, rage or I'd go numb. " Well, these are all the kinds of emotions and things that were suppressed in order for me to rise above them and now I had to go in and process them and learn to deal with them.So this is a subject - a topic - that is not well covered.I find it's really a detriment and it's really something that's holding back this kind of segment of guys who struggle and they read a lot of advice, they listen to a lot of advice, but it doesn't seem to help. Because, if you have symptoms of anxiety, of lack of self-control, of lack of motivation, of lack of willpower, of lack of concentration and focus, and mood stability; these are all things that get in the way of your dating, sex, and relationships." Because my first courses on relationship were about Tantra and enlightened sexuality and how did I go from a monk to that? There's sort of this idea you're the guy, you should know, but when I told them I'm a monk, I've been celibate, I need to learn, teach me.Well, if you haven't had sex in nine years, that becomes the biggest interest. So I learned about sex in that year, then I started teaching classes on it and I would say, "What we're going to do here is just basically talk about what makes sex great for you and what doesn't." And so I continued to learn and then I went on from there to recognize that to keep the passion and sexuality alive, it's about love. And not that I wasn't in love with the women I was with, but it was a lot and then you start narrowing down and you see how true love grows and you focus on one person and you grow and then becomes family.

We're talking about hard, very useful dating, sex, and relationship advice.That's it." That's probably the greatest benefit of all these years of meditation and everything. Without falling asleep, my mind can just go into this calm relaxed place and that's a really important skill that people can learn, but it doesn't learn overnight; it's regularly practicing one of these mindful meditation, breath meditations, all kinds of meditations. I think it's really important for anybody who has practiced meditation and so forth, is that they learn to rise above it and there can be other ways you learn to rise above your emotions.But if you're regular with it, then when you're in a relationship and it's inevitable that when you get in a relationship with a woman, she pushes button to upset you. That's a good skill because that means you can always rise above them if they get control of you.Your domain registrar will also block your domain permanently.All of the above will result in blocking your domain and hosting account for life.

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