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If that happens, he's not the kind of guy you want to get into a relationship with.Mat is dedicated to increasing Love in the world one heart at a time.If he’s constantly checking out other women or he talks about his other hookups, he’s not ready to date you.

Or maybe you just noticed him and you’re a little intrigued. I’m going to give you the biggest signs a guy is into you, so you can tell instantly whether he’s really into you or whether he’s feeling something more casual. Unless he’s got legitimate, non-romantic reasons to be texting you and calling you (like if he was trying to schedule something for work or some other logistical problem), then him calling and texting you first is a huge sign that he’s into you. In fact, the biggest criteria for whether a guy wants to be with a woman isn’t how she looks (that’s surface level, whether he wants to casually see her), it’s how he feels around her. He’s willing to go the extra mile for you, and it doesn’t even seem like he notices it’s an extra mile. But most of the time, if he’s willing to fight with you, he’s willing to fight for you.These are all questions that help him learn more about you and give him clues on how to plan better dates. Guys tend to be more single-minded when it comes to dating.They put all their effort into getting to know you and making sure you only notice them.When you start talking every day, you’ve definitely got a potential relationship on your hands. A guy isn’t going to waste his time learning what your interests are if he just thinks of you as an occasional hookup.If he’s interested in dating you, he’s going to ask you questions, such as what you love to do in your spare time, what foods you like and don’t like, what your favorite music is, and even what you do for a living.

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Try paying attention to his body language and the way he acts when you're around, as well as how the relationship between the two of you develops.

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