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Following the arrests, an unknown number of children of various ages were left, suddenly, without their parents — unsure what to do after school or what to do for dinner.

Their predicament became a flashpoint in a fierce debate about the morality and effectiveness of such raids.

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Adam Ericksen put up a sign outside his Oregon church supporting the transgender community, he didn’t expect to catch the attention of a local stripper — or to then join forces with her to raise money for the stranded children of immigrants swept up in recent Mississippi ICE raids.“This was not the first thing on my mind when I became a pastor, that I’d be working with strippers,” Ericksen, who leads the Clackamas United Church of Christ in Milwaukie tells PEOPLE.“You would never expect a stripper and a pastor having the same values,” he says, “but here it is.”He says their unlikely union developed over Facebook a few months ago, after Dawn Mc Call, also known by her stage name Blu Dawn, saw the sign and sent Ericksen a message.“I love what you are are doing, keep it up,” she wrote, Ericksen recalls.

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