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Imagine you have only one chance to choose a partner for the rest of your life. First, you have to begin by asking yourself what’s really important to you. Everyone has a list like this, whether it’s in your head or in a notebook.Would you take the first person that comes your way only to wake up one day wondering how you ended up with someone who doesn’t make you happy? Do you want a man who looks Harrison Ford or a woman who looks like Halle Barry?You are making choices all the time, either actively or passively.So, if you’ve been making choices all along, why don’t you already have the relationship you want?Of course, you can’t simply select a partner from a menu.But you do have a lot more choice than you may realize.These are the attributes a potential partner must have for you to consider him or her.

You can draw toward you the partner, and the relationship, you desire by clarifying what’s important to you and making the best choices possible. Now, let’s throw away your written or mental list of your partner’s “ideal” qualities.And, when it comes to you, you will be able to recognize it and receive it.Finding the right partner is one of the most important things in life. You wouldn’t choose a job, a school, or a house without being clear about your desires and doing a lot of research.How about a tri-athlete who never complains about housework, has a great sense of humor, an IQ of 150, loves dogs, speaks four languages, and brings in a six-figure income? Only then can you attract the walking, talking, real-life human being you want into your life.Next, make a list of your top ten “must-haves” in a relationship.

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