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GOES-8 and the other second generation GOES satellites have separate has five channels sensing visible and infrared reflected and emitted solar radiation.The infrared capability allows for day and night imaging.The accompanying table describes the various data formats and their characteristics.forecasting and analysis, the sensor is also well-suited to observation and monitoring of land features.Two generations of GOES satellites have been launched, each measuring emitted and reflected radiation from which atmospheric temperature, winds, moisture, and cloud cover can be derived.The first generation of satellites consisted of GOES-1 (launched 1975) through GOES-7 (launched 1992).These satellites, in (830-870 km above the Earth), are part of the Advanced TIROS series (originally dating back to 1960) and provide complementary information to the geostationary meteorological satellites (such as GOES).

Here we review a few of the representative satellites/sensors used for meteorological applications.

AVHRR data can be acquired and formatted in four operational modes, differing in resolution and method of transmission.

Data can be transmitted directly to the ground and viewed as data are collected, or recorded on board the satellite for later transmission and processing.

The imager data are 10-bit radiometric resolution, and can be transmitted directly to local user terminals on the Earth's surface.

The accompanying table describes the individual bands, their spatial resolution, and their meteorological applications.

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