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I don’t know about you, but I want to fall in love with my man again and again.

), but I doubted our ability to be “good” at this marriage thing. And ladies, do it even if you don’t totally want to. Talk about current events, or a hobby you’d like to pick up, or a book or TV show.As mamas of young children, we tend to focus most of our time and energy on our children. So how do you make marriage work when you can’t afford to hire a babysitter once a month, let alone once a week? We don’t have family around who can watch our children for free. Making sushi together and then eating your creations. If you got neighbors involved (it would really need to be a next-door neighbor since children are sleeping), you could have a cook-off. I am more of a texter, but if you’re not, I’m sure he’d still love to hear your voice. Especially for those mamas who stay home with their children, it’s hard to change this mindset. It’s easy to turn on the television or hop on Facebook or Pinterest, watch Instagram Stories, and zone out. If he immediately answers and asks what’s wrong, you might need to make more contact during the day :). It’s really the simple things that we forget to do. What would life be like if you could flip a switch and be “in the mood”? But you can totally change the way you think about sex! We can all probably say that before we got married date night was a BIG deal!Whether you planned dinner at a nice restaurant, an adventurous outing or a romantic evening, preparing fun activities together was a top priority!

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I actually write out my prayers and tuck them in my Bible and the books I’m reading.

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