Unspoken dating rules

For instance, your husband may not leave dirty dishes in the sink anymore if you explain that your childhood home was piled high with plates and you were stuck washing them.It's also important to understand that he's not plotting to upset you every time he's sloppy or forgetful. You may not want to be tagged in a politically charged rant he starts or he may not want you to share photos of the kids.Here, experts share 10 of the less apparent (but just as important) marriage rules to live by. That's why you should tread carefully with your in-laws and your husband's dearest friends.

If you don’t know the other couple too well yet, you don’t know where they are in their level of commitment and you don’t want to be the reason they get in a fight later."There's going to be toothpaste globs here and Post-it notes there; that's human nature," says Dr. "You have to be able to say, 'this isn't important.'" Or if it is, speak up."Tell your partner why it bothers you and that you'd like to work on a solution," suggests Dr. You'd be surprised what you could learn about each other.A simple request like: "Honey, it'd be great if you could pick up the dry cleaning while you're out" beats getting mad that he didn't offer to help with errands. And you each deserve the other person's respect for those wishes. Even in the heat of an argument, avoid threatening to pack your bags or head to the lawyer's office."Discuss the ground rules regarding posting about yourself, as a couple and about the other person," says Dr. And no matter what, don't take your grievances with your husband to the masses for support. When your attention is focused elsewhere, your spouse is bound to feel unimportant. Besides the "D" word being downright hurtful, repeated warnings may result in a spouse calling the other's bluff.

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