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However my GPS screen lit up to system settings but would not let me do anything else. If I didn't think I could help, it would be irresponsible of me to take up either your time or mine, don't you agree?

I plugged my GPS into the computer but nothing showed on my desktop.

Check under "Support" page at the site, and follow along. FULLY charged internal battery or use the 12V car adapter.

The Magellan site has 2.x which runs MUCH better and fixed the name of my road too. *DO NOT* loose power during the upgrade or the unit *WILL BE* unusable.

Still did not come up with a few local places that I visit... The website address where you can download the 6m POIs is:

They are sending me an update of their Tour Book section on the Magellan 4040.What I'm asking is whether it's doing the same thing after pressing and holding the reset button that it was doing before resetting the GPS?Please go to the following page, download and install the latest version of software on the computer: Qb6Mike OK.If not, we can continue with other troubleshooting measures. Mike After the reset it goes from startup (Magellan on screen), to warnings to operator, to Menu for selecting map, poi etc., to the map and then recycles again and again.It doesn't allow me to choose any options or push any tab to do anything.

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