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Given that the unit maxes out at just 8GB, an argument could be made that for the amount of pocket space it requires (i.e., based on size alone), you’d be better off with a HDD-based Zune 80 (80GB) or i Pod classic (160GB).The most obvious benefit of the P2’s size is that it can accommodate a 3-inch OLED display.Regardless of which menu style is used, the interface throughout the system is the same.The P2 features a modified version of the kinetic scrolling everyone loves on the i Phone/i Pod touch in that a finger flick scrolls through items only a page at a time.The Samsung P2 is only compatible with modern Windows computers (XP Service Pack 2 or higher).

Swiping, flicking, and tapping with the finger all come into play, as does an intuitive circular turn gesture.

Each menu contains a list of items (Settings, for example, includes menu style, sound, display, language, time, and system), but tapping on any of them only it.

Just to find and play a single song, then, takes a total of five screen taps (one on the Music icon in the main menu, two on the “Songs” list within the music menu, and two on the individual song).

Beneath the display is what looks like a home button but is actually just a power LED.

It flashes blue when playing music with the screen off, blinks red when the player is turned on/off, glows red when the battery is charging, and turns green when fully charged.

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Samsung’s newest digital media player, the YP-P2, was recently awarded the sixth spot in TIME Magazine’s list of the top 10 gadgets of 2007.

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