Validating international phone numbers

You learn how to sanitize and validate phone numbers using the Nexmo REST API client for Ruby.The tutorial project is not an application, but a collection of code snippets that show you how to work with the Number Insight API.Currently Zendesk does not validate the format of phone numbers, nor must a phone number be unique.For example, a user created with the User API may contain a phone number comprised of any text string.Feel free to email [email protected] any questions you may have regarding this change.

If you currently do not validate phone numbers in your Zendesk applications or integrations we recommend doing so before the change date.

The latest operation, Get International Exchange Info provides validation of phone numbers for a valid sequence in addition to region checking to ensure the provided number belongs to the region input.

With this new feature, users can validate a phone number belongs to a region using any number of formats including ISO2, ISO3, or full Country name.

Specifying a direct-line number also allows it to be used to identify incoming calls.

Beginning Monday, August 8th, any phone number added to a user record will be validated as an E.164 compliant international telephone number and automatically become a direct-line.

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