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With the recent buzz being created by EL James' book "Fifty Shades of Grey," I felt compelled to discuss the elements of the relationship described in the book as well as dispel myths that have recently come up in the media regarding BDSM type relationships.

if you think that it is fantasy, i encourage you to pay a visit to Collar Me or or any number of websites where people who engage in the lifestyle congregate.However, couples involved in this type of relationship only come in for therapy when there are issues outside their sexual relationship that need help, or because one of them is not adhering to the detailed contract which was set up at the beginning of their relationship.Like the heroine Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey, she is asked to read over a list of activities to see which are hard limits (meaning activities she would never want to do under any circumstances) and soft limits (meaning activities that she might consider trying) and sign a contract.Just as men watch their porn online, there are many women who go to websites in which laypeople share their erotica stories for others to read. Now having said all that As her Master I have but one thought on my mind. ever rule every punishment every reward is for her.A portion of these stories contain stories of BDSM. We both met coming out of ltr with normal sex lives.

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