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In 2016 – the latest year for which figures are available - 142 women and girls were found guilty of attacks including rape, sexual assault, and sex with a minor.

It is double the figure of those convicted two years earlier, and more than triple the number at the start of the decade.

The laws requiring the names of convicted sex offenders nationwide to be catalogued, and available to the public, bear the names of children sexually assaulted and murdered by predators who had committed sex offenses before. “The only places in society that will allow them to reenter are socially challenged areas.” When laws were passed requiring sex offenders to register with local authorities, and requiring those registries be made available to the public, they were met with little opposition.La Junta, which also has a population a little over 7,000, but where the median household income is ,437 and 27% of residents live in poverty, has 33 registered sex offenders.Angela Garcia, a member of the neighborhood group Globeville First in Denver, isn’t so sure those consequences are unintended.Charlotte Parker, a 32-year-old teaching assistant, was barred from teaching after admitting sending thousands of lewd messages to a 14-year-old pupil at her Essex school, with whom she began a sexual affair when he was 15.Mc Cartan, associate professor of criminology at the University of the West of England in Bristol and a specialist in sexual offences, these figures aren't down to an "epidemic" but are the result of cultural changes "Women are also being held more accountable – in the past there has been an element of their behaviour being minimised or excused, that they are somehow not capable of this behaviour.

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