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A veritable vocal powerhouse, Demetria Mc Kinney is popularly known as an award-winning artist who has been featured in diverse roles both on the small and big screens; she is also well known for her stage performances.

Demetria is skilled as a songwriter, equipped with a vocal ability that requires zero studio enhancements and her generous manner of expressing emotions gets the listener to be instantly connected.

She was homeless at the age of 17 and it was rumored that she had to drop out of school because she had a son; she later completed her studies in Italy through a scholarship.

She attended Okaloosa-Walton Community College, graduating with a degree.

As for her annual earnings, it has never been published but from her accumulated wealth, it is easy to deduce that she has been earning handsomely since the inception of her career in entertainment.

Roger has only filmed a few scenes for the show, so for the most part, he simply remains a name that is linked to Demetria Mc Kinney.

I have to always, always pay homage to a woman I never met but she touched me like she touched so many others with that amazing voice, Whitney Houston.

The very first time I heard her voice, I knew I wanted to make people feel that way.

The identity of her parents has not been revealed but she comes from a large family of nine children and she is the second child.

Whenever I'm interested in keeping up to date with the relationships of actors and celebrities, I use websites like Famous or Who Dated

In this instance though, it seems that neither website knows much about who Allen Payne is seeing at the moment (although I did find out he dated Tisha Campbell-Martin from the show (although this is just a rumor).

Her trademark is said to be her hourglass shape as well as her thick black and curly hair.

The popular actress cum singer is a single mother with a son from a past relationship. She gave birth to her son at the age of 18 but till date, she has never revealed the identity of the boy’s father.

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