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Grandparents and parents don’t feel like their expertise is that relevant to young people even though a lot of it actually is because human nature doesn’t change that much.

Then, there’s people seeking to make a bunch of money off of insecure young men, basically scammers and slightly sociopathic pickup artists trying to sell their weekend programs. Some of them have good insights but the economic model that they have is very different from what we’re doing in Mate. That’s what we know.” Other folks are more like, “How can we make thousands of dollars out of young men’s insecurity before we give away useful information.” Brett Mc Kay: Was there a time in our culture when we passed on this information about successful courtship and successful mating?

Like what Freud said, it’s all the reason life is work and love. There’s a whole back story about why has modern culture failed young men extremely and profoundly.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that anything to do with sex and dating and mating and marriage is very politically controversial. A public high school can’t really teach a course on how to do dating and mating effectively because it would be seen as biased or partisan or inappropriate.

He clearly knew a lot about evolutionary psychology, my field and about sexual selection and animal behavior.

Most of the Mate book is really about doing all that work ahead of time even before a date.

They did have these ritualized settings and events that tried to teach young men what they needed to know. Let’s get into some of the meat of your book about research-backed tips at what men can do to improve their dating life, their love life. I thought it was really interesting because a lot of success in dating is based on confidence because you say a lot of success in life is based on confidence. Is it something that if you get confident in one area of your life, it carries over to dating or is confidence domain specific? There’s a few life hacks you can use to boost your confidence temporarily in a particular domain but in the mate book, we’re really about what are the sustainable long term ways that you can increase your confidence particularly around women.

Geoffrey Miller: We put a chapter on confidence right at the beginning of the book because it was the number 1 question that guys called in with to the podcast. Basically, that means you have to go out and have experience and interactions and build up the traits that you know will be attractive to women.

It’s packed with research-backed tips on what guys can do to make themselves more attractive to women, the traits they can develop, authentic traits that will make them attractive and the traits that will help them have a happy, long lasting relationship, really interesting book. Today on the podcast, Geoffrey Miller and I talk about some of the research, talk about what you do to become more confident.

We talk about the traits that women look for in men. It’s about the science of dating and mating and relating and all that jazz.

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We have our own podcast series which includes mostly answering questions from guys and giving the best evidence-based advice that we can but also we’ve got interviews with experts.

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